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Marg Books is a Cloud-Based Online Inventory & Accounting Software built for Every Business from the House of Marg ERP
Marg Software is Trade specific Software. Ultra Soft provides Marg ERP9+ software and support to companies around the country. We have varieties of trade specific software such as Accounting & Inventory Software, Payroll Software and Billing Software to meet the daily requirements of a client. Marg ERP 9+ an inventory and accounting software which has earned its fame around the world within a short while. Marg has been developed in such a way which will be utilized in manufacturing, warehousing, retailing and many other businesses. The usefulness and necessities of its in inventory controlling and accounting reporting have attracted many companies to install this software. Ultra Soft is the Bangladeshi based IT Solution Company. We believe this software shall be very much useful to your business. Ultra Soft is the authorized channel partner of Marg software in Bangladesh. Ultra Soft is also doing website design, website development, news portals, Application development, USA based web hosting, domain registration, and Bulk SMS Services. So many reputed organizations are our client and they are highly satisfied by using our service and software. Ultra Soft hereby shall seek to provide you the best services with one of the famous ERP software. We believe our software shall meet the requirements of your organization for running the business smoothly.

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  • I am using it since 1.5 years for my Limited Company . Any financial institution can use it smoothly for keep record, sales, inventory, pay rolls ,make transaction easier for their institution. You can use it both PC and Cell phones. You will get your customer dues, payments, transactions etc sms notifications. their staffs are well experienced, well behaving, helpful and polite. i wish them all the very best and suggest all to take your service from them. In service, compromise and product, they are the best.
    মেহেদী হাসান
  • It,s really a great helpful software for any type of business. Go ahed and keep up your service.
    Emon Ahmed
  • really good service. keep it up.
    Faruk Patowary
    Retina Health Care